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Backpack Motorcycle

Motorcycle Rucksacks

There are a range of accessories for carrying your belongings with you on our ecommerce site. We’re talking about quality products such as motorcycle backpacks on sale online at factory prices, ideal for carrying anything on your back, but that’s not all. Although they may be slightly less spacious, are often more convenient to use compared to motorcycle saddlebags, as they can be worn comfortably on your back, rather than occupying space on the bike itself.

The typical motorbike backpack you will find on sale in our online shop is made with a special waterproof lining and padding to ensure it sits comfortably around your shoulders and back. With adjustable straps on your shoulders and sides, they can be used in all weather conditions without running the risk of water damaging whatever you are carrying.

Another advantage is that you won’t need to encumber the bike with additional bits like a kit for motorcycle saddlebags, or any other accessory for transporting things, such as motorbike top boxes. In addition to the motorcycle rucksacks, you’ll also see bum bags and pouch bags, available in a variety of models, from the classic version worn around the waist to the leg pouch bag, particularly useful if you prefer to keep to a minimum the amount of space occupied, in cases where you only have a small number of objects to carry. A further convenient alternative is the neck pouch, worn over one shoulder and very convenient if you are carrying only a few items as you can use it all the time, not just on your bike.

Visit our shop and and look for backpacks for motorcycle riders and pouch bags on sale at factory prices; take advantage of our fantastic online sale and give yourself a useful present of an accessory to always carry with you on your motorbike.