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Personal Data Outletmoto.eu srl – Registered Office in Via delle Cantine 77, 50041 Calenzano (FI) – Tax Code. Vat Number and Florence Companies Register n. 06136050488 – R.E.A Florence n. 603379

Products availability The customer can only buy products that are currently in the electronic catalogue, visible online at the website (URL) www.outletmoto.eu. If the request through an online order exceeds the available amount for a given item, Outletmoto.eu will accept the purchase as far as what is actually available in the virtual store. The Ouletmoto.eu Customer Service will be responsible to inform the customers (by phone or email) whether the products will be available or not in the future. The selected items in the website www.ouletmoto.eu can be purchased under the conditions explained below. Unless otherwise indicated, products prices must be perceived inclusive of VAT at 22%. The products images on this website are indicative and not binding.

Order Acceptance/Contract Conclusion The purchase of the desired products will be processed in the following phases::

  • - By sending the order, the customer makes a proposal to purchase the selected products. Sending the purchase order means you allow ( ai sensi dell’art. 10 DL 185/1999) to receive further communication by Outletmoto.eu, aimed exclusively to the conclusion and execution of the sale contract Outletmoto.eu reserves the right to deny incomplete or not properly filled orders.
  • - Outletmoto.eu will send an email with the confirmation of the order made by the customer including an order number assignment to be used in any further communication with Outletmoto.eu.
  • - The customer has 24 hours of time to communicate to Outletmoto.eu the potential cancellation, sending an email to info@outletmoto.eu. In any case, Ouletmoto.eu will check the effectively availability of the required goods in the warehouse and will communicate by phone or by email, to the contacts specified by the customer, any non-acceptance. The fulfilment of the order coincides with the confirmation and acceptance of the same.
  • - Outletmoto.eu will then start the shipment process sending the order to the operator and to the courier in order to conclude the purchase at the suitable address. If shipping costs were different from those indicated, before processing the order, OutletMoto.eu will ask the customer's consent.
  • -The terms of payment will take place using the procedures listed below and choose online at the moment of the purchase order.
  • -The goods can be sent to an other address, different from the specified invoicing/billing address only if in the order form (in the ‘Notes’ section) it was specified a distinct goods destination place.
  • - The supply of goods considered finalized only the shipment of the same. Until then, the advance payment, or any payment, deposit will be considered, and only the time of shipping fee will become liable to VAT.


Invoicing In the shopping cart pages you must specify the exact name or the person to whom it is uniquely addressed the purchase invoice. The ordered products tax records relating will be issued upon the products shipment to the customer and they will be attached to the shipment.

Foreign Sales OutletMoto.eu makes sales abroad. Shipments abroad are made by the same courier for shipments to Italy at the rates established by him. For the foreign sales OutletMoto.eu accepts payments either by credit card paying the total amount (through PagOnline system) or by an advanced bank transfer.

Terms of Payments Il pagamento degli ordini può avvenire secondo due modalità. Entrambe prevendono il saldo integrale anticipato dell'ordine.
La cessione del bene s'intende perfezionata solo alla spedizione dello stesso.

  • - Bank Transfer at Banca Unicredit Spa – Filiale di Firenze Novoli– ABI: 02008 CAB: 02847 Account n.: 101312984 IBAN: IT07Y0200802847000101312984 payable to Outletmoto.eu srl. The Bank Transfer must be accompanied by Fax at number 055-4288887 or mail to be sent as an attachment info@outletmoto.eu
  • - Credit card, Paypal Pro system using the Payment by credit card is handled by Paypal Pro, who will check the validity of credit cards and ensure maximum security for each transaction.
  • - Paypal, sending the payment to the info@outletmoto.eu


Credit Cards Security The online OutletMoto.eu transaction system, edited by Interbank Services and SSB, the largest Italian organization in the security industries is built using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), specifically designed to create a safe transaction environment for the E-commerce. The security controls, in an encrypted message, hide all the personal information (name, credit card number, etc.) making impossible to be intercepted. The secure mode is automatically activated during the ordering process. In the event of purchasing goods with credit card payment, together with the completion of the transaction online, the bank will authorize only the amount of your purchase. OutletMoto.eu, you will be prompted immediately cancel the transaction and release the amount involved. These release times depend on the banking system and can be up to their maturity (24 days from the date of authorization).

Delivery methods and charges Outletmoto.eu will activate the shipping procedures as soos as possibile and within 24 hours from the purchase confirmation (that is from the order invoincing). All delivering products costs are charged to the customers with the modality indicated at the order completion. Deliveries are normally made by Bartolini Courier or Tnt. Ouletmoto.eu reserves the right to deliver the ordered products by a carrier other than those mentioned. The terms of delivery specified in the schedule of each product must be understood not binding to OutletMoto.eu, which can then confirm or change depending on its actual needs. The delivery times are approximate. The shipment may take up to 30 days to complete. Any delivery delay does not entitle the customers to refuse the goods delivery or to claim compensation for any damages. Outletmoto.eu commits itself to ship within 30 days the products from the order acceptance, beyond this period OutletMoto.eu informs the consumer, according to Article206/2005 , and shall refund any amounts already received, unless otherwise expressly agreed..

At the time of delivery, or hold for pickup, and the customer 'responsibility to check:

  • that he package numbers are the same indicated in the accompanying document
  • that there is a correspondence between the identity and the quality of the products (as may be specified on the packaging) indicated on the invoice
  • that the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered


The bill, contained in an envelope attached to the outside of one of the hills, it should be removed and stored. The mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, such as the loss or damage must be immediately reported to the carrier, the goods must be withdrawn withdrawn if "conditional".

Right of withdrawal Under Article. 206/2005, if the customer is a consumer (i.e a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does the purchase by indicating in the order form at OutletMoto.eu a reference to VAT), is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty.
To exercise this right, the customer must sento to Outletmoto.eu a notice within 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods.
Such notice shall be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to OutletMoto.eu srl - Via delle Cantine 77, 50041 Calenzano (FI) within the above period of 10 days or by fax at 055-4288887. In the latter case, you should sent to the fax ( within 48 hours) a confirmation with registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
Upon receipt of such notice of withdrawal, the Customer Service will notify the customer instructions explaining how to return the goods that must be done within the next 48 hours.

Conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal The right to withdrawal is possible only for purchased entire goods, it cannot be placed to part of the product, to products sealed once opened; the products must be undamaged and returned in their original package, complete in all its parts (including any documentation and accessories); by law shipping charges are paid by the customer; the shipment until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the responsibility of the customer, if the goods are damaged during transport, OutletMoto.eu will inform the client (within the following working day after the receipt in our warehouses), to enable a timely complaint against the carrier you choose and to obtain reimbursement of the value of the property (if insured); in this case, the product will be given back, with shipping charges paid by the customer, while canceling the request for withdrawal. Outletmoto.eu is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments; upon arrival at the warehouse, the product will be inspected for any damages not caused by transport. If the inside/outside package is ruined, Outletmoto.eu will deduct 10% of the product value in order to contribute to the costs recovery of goods. Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original,Outletmoto.eu will repay the customer the full amount already paid, within 14 days from the date of shipment return of the goods (through issuance of credit notes). The customer will give promptly the banking details for the transfer (ABI - CAB - Account of the bill). The right of withdrawal is lost, for lack of the essential integrity of the good (package and / or its contents), where OutletMoto.eu verifies::

  • the lack of the inside/outside original packaging;
  • the absense of products components ;
  • the product damage for reasons other than transportation.


In the case in which a sales contract is annulled for one reason or another, OutletMoto.eu will ensure the sender is fully reimbursed of his/her merchandise, charging the latter with the relative transport fees.

Guarantees Where indicated, Outletmoto.eu sold products that are guaranteed by the manufacturer. In order to use the products warranty, the customer has to keep the invoice or the receiving note he receives with the purchased products. Outletmoto.eu guarantees the integrity of the products at the moment of the receipt. Possible products imperfections have to be declared by the client, The penalty of forfeiture, within and not later than 10 days from the delivery date.

Renunciation The customer is not entitled to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or property caused by goods purchased from OutletMoto.eu.

Complain Any complaint must be addressed to OutletMoto.eu srl - Via delle Cantine 77, 50041 Calenzano (FI) 

Applicable Law The sales contract between the customer and OutletMoto.eu is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law.

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