Open face motorcycle helmets

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Open face motorcycle helmets
Helmet Moto Jet Ixs HX 114 White 71.90€ 79.95€

Half face helmet

Among the different types of motorcycle helmets that are produced to ensure the safety on the saddle of a two-wheeler, modern jet helmets certainly occupy a place in the foreground, both the women's open face helmet and the one for men, this because in addition to being helmets of excellent workmanship and attractive design, they allow you to have greater visibility when traveling the roads, are less cumbersome than full face helmets, and give a feeling of less heaviness to the head while you are wearing it.

The half face helmet is also the ideal choice for those who want to spend time on their motorbike on a hot sunny day, or for those who take short trips immersed in city traffic, and want a helmet that allows to fully enjoy the ride with a lightweight accessory. One of the most popular open face motorcycle helmets is the double visor jet helmet, characterized by a classic visor that protects most of the face, and a smaller inner visor at the eye level.

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