Motorcycle Vests

Motorcycle Vests
Vest High Visibility Hevik Theseus 19.95€ 35.00€
Alpinestars Cooling Vest Coolant Vest 141.90€ 149.00€
Oj Atmosfere
Motorcycle OJ WRAP Slim Down Undercoat 66.90€ 79.90€
Moto Rev'it HV Yellow Fluo Connector 27.98€ 39.99€
Dainese Reflective Brassieres 24.90€ 24.95€
Oj Atmosfere
Vest Fabric OJ Transformer Black 49.60€ 89.00€

Motorcycle Gilets On Sale

A motorcycle gilet is a garment that has more than one function. It contributes to your safety by increasing your visibility on the road and it is also a classy piece of clothing that gives a personal touch to your look. In our online store we have a wide assortment of products for all tastes and requirements; they make an admirable alternative to the more commonly used motorcycle jackets, and are an indispensable garment for every motorcyclist.

You can choose from the best selection of top gilet brands, including men’s motorcycle gilets, made from various materials with fine finishings, and of course women’s gilets, which are equally practical and functional. If youìre looking for a high-visibility garment, choose from among the various models with Hi-Viz reflective inserts on the back and front, and with adjustable belts for maximum comfort. If you prefer the more vintage look, you can opt for a customised leather model, which goes well with leather vest to give you an eye-catching ‘on the road’ outfit. For a more modern style, you might consider a padded, windproof jacket with vents, which match nicely with leather motorcycle trousers or with the more classic style of shoes made from synthetic materials.

To complete the range of models available, there are also models in reinforced fabric, with removable inserts for back protection and ample pockets. Such garments are a perfect match with other kinds of clothing and accessories, such as casual sweaters, summer motorcycling gloves, either for cross-enduro racing or road riding.

In our online store you will see a highly varied selection of items at discount outlet prices. All you have to do is look at the various models of motorcycle vests on sale and discover the great range of items we have selected for you.