Renthal handlebars Moto Twinwall Fold RC / OEM Honda & Kawasaki Titanium

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Brand: Renthal
Division: cross enduro
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Renthal handlebar Twinwall has a diameter of 28.6 mm, double thickness to ensure maximum strength.
The Twinwall is built by Renthal handlebars to get the best combination of strength and safety. E 'consists of two tubes made of aluminum alloy, one inside the other. The inside is made from an alloy very resistant and is "hard anodized" to prevent damage from the assembled like bracelets clutch / brake and the throttle. The outer tube instead is very resistant to damage and is anodized to prevent corrosion. The rubber on the ends serve to prevent the infiltration of foreign objects such as water, solvents or cleaning fluids .The handle is marked laser for accurate positioning.
Renthal handlebar Twinwall is the only handlebar from strength, bending just enough, and lightness. Try it and you do not use other weights. There are several folds 997, 996, 994, the most used for different driving styles and types of motorcycles. Renthal handlebar Twinwall is still universal, has a diameter of 28mm and optionally there are specific attacks Renthal

Technical data sheet:

  • It composed of two aluminum tubes of alloy one inside the other
  • Outer tube aluminum alloy 7.010 T73, which has extreme resistance to shocks and is anodized to prevent corrosion
  • Inner tube is ultra high strength aluminum 7010 T6 and is hard anodized to resist wear.
  • Rubber gaskets between the two tubes for inpedire water infiltration.
  • Laser engraving positioning on the steering plate, to facilitate centering.
  • Checkering only on the terminal where the knobs are positioned.
  • No knurl area terminal, this could cause a stress riser and lead to breakage.
  • Protection injection, developed appositamentee molded to the cross bar, and is supplied on each handlebar.

Handlebars Renthal Twinwall are used by official teams more than any other bar, including:

Honda Red Bull Racing, Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro-Circuit Kawasaki, Suzuki Rockstar Canidae, Lucas Oil TLD Honda Team Honda Martin Racing Team Kawasaki Europe, Team Suzuki Europe, KTM Factory Europe, Japan HRC Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki in Japan KHI Japan.

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