100% BRISKER Orange Cross Enduro Motorcycle Gloves for Kids

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100% BRISKER Orange Cross Enduro Motorcycle Gloves for Kids

Mother Nature has met her pairing with this low profile glove designed to make you go fast in colder climes. Get the right amount of insulation to block wet and cool temperatures while maintaining extreme dexterity and control of your bike. These work well for those days of exploring or maintaining the cold track.

Data sheet:

  • Soft-shell construction on the top of the hand to provide true protection against cold and moisture
  • Double microfibre inside that allows to conserve heat and quickly evacuate perspiration
  • Palm in clarinet
  • Foam padding at the level of the thumb
  • Silicone print on the tip of the index that offers exceptional grip
  • Velcro strap closure for perfect adjustment
  • Reflective patterns on the light on the top of the hand for better visibility
  • Integrated wire system that allows the use of your touch screen devices