Abus GRANIT City Chain X-Plus 1060/85 (85cm)

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Brand: Abus
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The GRANIT CityChain XPlus ™ 1060 chain lock offers you the highest level of security. There is no safer way to tie up your precious bike.

The certification bodies of seven different countries speak for themselves: the ABUS GRANIT CityChain XPlus ™ lock chain is among the safest bicycle locks on the world market. The device is certified with security grade 15: the highest level among the ABUS security systems. The chain, housing and all locking elements are made of a special hardened steel which significantly hinders theft attempts.

Data sheet:

  • 10 mm chain with hexagonal section covered in fabric to protect paints
  • ABUS Power Cell technology (patented) offers ahigh protection against brutal attacks
  • ABUS Power Link technology (patented) allows the direct closure of the chain in the Power Cell and increasing its effectiveness
  • Integrated lock cover to protect against brutal opening methods
  • The chain as well as the safety mechanisms of the lock are made of hardened steel
  • ABUS XPlus cylinder for maximum protection against attacks with dexterity and picking
  • Auto key hole protection to protect against corrosion and dirt


  • Excellent protection in high risk areas
  • Recommended for securing high-value bicycles
  • The length of the chain makes it easier to attach it to an external object (e.g. light pole)


  • This anti-theft device can be ordered in the same key version together with other anti-theft devices: one key to open several anti-theft devices.
  • Very handy becauseonly one side of the chain must be locked in the closure