Alpinestars GP PLUS V4 1PC Full Motorcycle Suit Black White

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The Tech-Air® Ready, Alpinestars GP Plus v4 leather suit is an absolute revolution of the v3 model, with a completely new structure that includes a blend of Flex Plus racing cowhide, Alpinestars Composite Stretch Plus material, Matryx®, HRSF and GP DFS slider. GP Plus v4 is the perfect choice for sport and track riders looking for an upper mid-level suit featuring the latest innovations in terms of materials. GP Plus v4 features the new Flex Plus racing leather, specially tanned and finished in Italy, an ultra-flexible and highly body adaptable Flex Plus racing cowhide, supporting a fit ratio of 6%, 80% more than that offered by normal cowhide.The Flex Plus leather, with its high ratio of adaptability, means that the GP Plus v4 leather suit offers comfort, freedom of movement and an unmatched precise fit. In addition, the Flex Plus racing leather meets the Alpinestars Professional standard in terms of abrasion and tear resistance, while being 10% lighter than standard cowhide.

Data sheet:

  • The GP Plus v4 also incorporates Alpinestars Composite Stretch Plus, A-CS® Plus, material on the lateral torso and shoulder blades of the leather suit which offers a lighter weight and greater flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • With A-CS® Plus, elasticity increases by 20% and tear resistance increases by 300% compared to leather
  • Breathability with a lighter weight and lower profile than a pleated leather shell
  • The GP Plus v4 also features strategically placed, lightweight and breathable Matryx® material inserts on the torso of the suit for optimal ventilation, especially when the suit is worn with Tech-Air airbag systems such as Tech-Air 10 or Tech-Air®®® 5
  • Other features of the GP Plus v4 include HRSF stretch inserts in the crotch, back of the legs, inner arms and chest area.
  • Perforations in the Flex Plus racing leather are located throughout the upper chest, abdomen and thighs.
  • GP DFS sliders for shoulders, elbows and knees and a Bioflex armor for the hip. The leather suit features soft and elasticated cuffs and ankles and a removable comfort liner with Polygiene® biostatic treatment to keep it fresh and perfumed.
  • For maximum rider protection, the GP Plus v4 is also fully Tech-Air ready for use with the Tech-Air 5 or Tech-Air 10 airbag systems and features a convenient forearm pocket for the Tech-Air check ®®®® 10.


  • Level 1 EN 1621-1:2012 Alpinestars Nucleon Flex shoulder protector.
  • Level 1 EN 1621-1:2012 GP-R elbow, forearm, knee and shin protectors.
  • Level 1 EN 1621-1:2012 Bioflex hip protectors.
  • EN 17092-2:2020 - Class AAA
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