Arched Lock For Abus Easy 32 Bike Level 7 Length 30 cm + Attachment

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Brand: Abus
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leave your bicycle in front of the supermarket or on your friends' fence without worries: the Facilo 32 arched anti-theft device is the ideal security system in case of low risk of theft or for low-cost bicycles.

Quality materials combined with modern security technologies: even for the most economical class of bicycle locks, ABUS relies on reliability and on a quality cylinder with so-called “double locking”. The 12mm thick hardened steel bow is double locked into the locking body, a mechanism that offers additional protection against forcing the bow by common methods. This is why the police recommend arch locks as the most reliable measure to protect bicycles.

Data sheet:

  • 12 mm rounded arch in case-hardened steel
  • ABUS quality cylinder
  • 10mm braided steel cable with noose ends
  • PVC coating to prevent damage to the bicycle
  • Basic protection for low-theft areas
  • Recommended for securing low-value bikes
  • The length of the arch makes it easier to fix the bicycle to fixed objects (eg.poles)
  • Universal support USH - suitable for frames with circular section,diameter 15 - 35 mm