Arched Lock For Abus Ultimate 420 Bike Level 12 Length 14 Cm Including Attachment And Chain

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Brand: Abus
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Ultimate 420 gives off a feeling of security with its appearance.

There are simple padlocks. And then there's Ultimate 420. If you're looking for an arc lock that thieves can be scared of at the glance, then you don't need to keep looking. Thirteen millimeters of hardened special steel and an aggressive coloring immediately make it clear to thieves that they do not have the right cards to win.

At the same time, the Ultimate 420 is so compact that it can be stowed away without problems. It fits in every backpack and bag, thus always being close at hand when you want to secure your bike.

Data sheet:

  • 13mm rounded arch
  • The arch, the body and the closing elements are made of special hardened steel
  • Ergonomic shape allows for excellent handling Premium cylinder for high protection against manipulation, eg. picking
  • Good protection in areas with a medium risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing medium value bikes
  • The length of the arch simplifies the possibility of fixing it to an external object (eg.light pole)