Bluetooth intercom Bluetooth SMART HJC 20B Specific for HJC Helmets Arranged

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SMART HJC 20B is a Bluetooth communication system developed in collaboration with SENA, specially designed for HJC helmets.
Based on the SENA 20S model, the 20B model offers an optimal Bluetooth system with intuitive operation and easy unit installation. The SMART HJC 20B offers various features such as group conversation for an optimal driving experience. With Universal Intercom ™ SMART HJC 20B you can be connected to various Bluetooth communication devices.
The Noise Control ™ function effectively eliminates wind noise and other noises during internal or telephone calls while maintaining high audio quality. The dual Bluetooth chip inside the SMART HJC 20B lets you listen to intercom and music conversations simultaneously via Audio Multitasking ™.With Audio Multitasking ™ the music volume decreases automatically when a conversation is started and returns to the original volume at the end of the conversation.
group conversation: you can also communicate with 7 pilots simultaneously in a maximum radius of 1.6 km.

Compatible on HJ helmets:

  • RPHA 11 Carbon
  • RPHA 70 Carbon
  • RPHA 90s Carbon
  • RPHA 90s
  • F70 / F70 Carbon
  • i20
  • i30
  • i90
  • i100
  • C80
  • C91
  • V10
  • V90

Data sheet:

  • This innovative Bluetooth® communication system for motorcycles and motorsports provides an essential and aerodynamic design that offers a versatile wheel control that optimizes ease of use for pilots
  • It has Bluetooth® technology 4.1 with dual Bluetooth® communication modules, to create one of the most advanced Bluetooth® headsets available on the market; The new Bluetooth® technology increases the performance and reliability of the earphones, while providing higher quality high definition audio
  • The advanced Audio Multitasking ™ system ensures a regular mix of incoming and outgoing audio, creating a varied audio experience, compared to traditional audio technology based on the interruption of other Bluetooth® devices
  • With the 20S, users can call hands-free with their Bluetooth® mobile phones, listen to stereo music or the GPS navigator's voice instructions via the Bluetooth® wireless system and talk via intercom in modefull duplex with a passenger or other pilots
  • Advanced Noise Control ™
  • Intercom for motorcycle-to-bike conversations Intercom operating distance up to 2.4 km (1.5 miles) in open field
  • Multipoint Bluetooth® for two phones
  • Pure and natural sound of HD quality
  • Intuitive directions and voice commands
  • Integrated FM radio with station search and save function
  • All-in-one helmet mounting kit
  • Quick Bluetooth® pairing
  • Intercom Universal Intercom ™compatible with other brands communication systems
  • Waterproof,usable in case of bad weather
  • Upgradeable firmware