Case for Motorcycles and Scooters Shad Sh33 Nero 33 Liters

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Brand: Shad
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SH33 is a compact and practical top case for motorcycles, made of high quality reinforced polypropylene and with capacity for an opening helmet and various accessories. It is characterized by classic curved shapes and a central reflector. Ideal for small displacement scooters and motorcycles.

Data sheet:

  • The rear part of the top case has a concave shape, which favors the housing of the backrest (optional) and passenger comfort.
  • It is equipped with a "Press Lock System", a simple and hermetic pressure closure.
  • Like all SHAD cases, it can be opened and closed with one hand, without using the key, which is only necessary to fix the case to the bike.
  • The slot at the base of the reflector acts as an ergonomic handle, to facilitate the transport of the top case.
  • For those who want to add a touch of style, the cover in various colors is available as an option, or neutral, customizable to your liking.
  • Like other cases (except TR48 / TR37) for SHAD motorcycles, it includes the plate and the fixing kit.

The SH33 also has the following optionals:

  • the backrest (D0RI40), perfectly integrated with the top case and designed to offer greater comfort to the passenger,
  • brake light kit (D0B29KL), made with low consumption LEDs and designed to increase visibility and safety.The brake light kit is also particularly easy to fit, as it attaches directly to the bottom of the top case base. Like other cases (except TR48 / TR37) for SHAD motorcycles, it includes the grille and the fixing kit.