Couple Suitcases Side Moto Rigid K40N Kappa Monokey System 40 Liters

Code: K40N
Brand: Kappa
Division: road - custom
brands: unisex
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Kappa presents the new side case Monokey K22N.

Technical Data:

  • Pair of side cases with black painted inserts N902
  • The patented Monokey® is a distinctive characteristic of GIVI production, allowing the opening of the suitcase and its removal from the mounting plate, through the use of a single key
  • Its EASY 'STRENGTH and RELIABILITY' made it a landmark in the motorcycling
  • Optional &Parts: K622B508 - insert painted K622G730 - insert painted K622N902 - insert painted TK703 - Borsa polyester indoor Specifications
  • Dimensions: H 41 x W 58 x D 29 cm Capacity:40 lt
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