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Alpinestars TECH 10 further improves its ergonomics, thanks to the introduction of patented technical solutions such as the Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP) or the new motion control system with a double pivot that allows unsurpassed mobility. All the components of the new TECH 10 have been designed to offer maximum performance and durability. They are perfect Off-Road boots in all respects.

Data sheet:

  • Upper part made with innovative very light microfiber, with TPU protection resistant to shocks and abrasion.
  • New motion control system with a double pivot in the lateral and middle area that offers excellent levels of flexibility and steering precision.
  • Front flexion control by means of a double front plate and an insert that gradually absorbs and dampens the energies generated by the potential impact.
  • Rear torsion bars with new dual-density TPU design to avoid rear hyperextension ensuring excellent levels of flexibility and impact resistance.
  • Dynamic Heel Compression Protector (DHCP): It is an innovative patented safety system from Alpinestars, which includes a fully integrated folding area in the heel area made with polyester foam foam to absorb high impact energy during a crash.
  • It consists of a directional impact protection system, which significantly reduces the effect of energy transfer transmitted to the ankle and lower leg. The DHCP system has been developed and tested on professional Supercross and Motocross circuits.
  • Front protection with a double closure system: it consists of microfiber interiors with Velcro® fixed with micrometric buckles (very easy to use). The shin protection features a TPU sheet designed to prevent anterior hyperextension and offers greater flexion control.
  • Rubber-reinforced TPU side panel designed to provide excellent grip, durability and heat protection.The new panels have an anatomical shape and are lighter and thinner.
  • Molded protection in the calf area that wraps around the back of the leg. Made of dual density composite material, it has been designed to offer progressive amortization to torsional forces. Anatomically designed shin protection to reduce surface area and save weight.
  • The foot structure (5 different densities) made in a single very light piece that offers excellent strength, flexibility and structural integrity. Equipped with protections in the heel and toe area, and is highly resistant to abrasion and impacts. You have an integrated barrel that offers better support and structural integrity.
  • Sole completely redesigned with patented designs to improve the performance of the extribera, the grip and to facilitate the drainage of water and mud. The dual compound sole is perfectly integrated with the structure, multi-density base of the foot, with integrated support. The outsole offers durability, grip and the feel are exceptional. The central part has a micro-grip insert, which guarantees excellent grip. It allows you to replace the sole completely.
  • Anatomically optimized and redesigned buckle closure system. The new mechanical buckle closure system is produced from a nylon and glass fiber compound that guarantees lightness, strength and durability. The new buckle closure system includes bridges, cold forged high impact closure to provide excellent precision and strength.The buckles feature a self-aligning ratchet with memory. It is a fast, easy and precise opening / closing system that offers excellent performance and driving safety. All buckles are easily replaceable.
  • Upper area of the boot finished with a soft microfibre cloth to prevent the entry of excess water and / or dirt.
  • The inner lining is made of open cell poly-fabric, 3D foam; anti-slip features in suede in the heel area to keep the foot correctly positioned inside the boot.
  • These boots are CE certified.
  • Inner boot with redesigned biomechanics, lighter and lower profile.It features new torsion bars, medial and lateral, anatomically redesigned to control the rotation of the ankle and leg, without sacrificing freedom of movement. New torsion bars, double locking that allow the rider to make a natural movement of the ankle with progressive padding of the torsion forces during an impact.
  • Reinforced TPU protection and cushioning in the heel and ankles for better shock absorption, and ultra-thin and flexible toe for greater sensitivity and control.
  • Removable anatomic double composite insole; includes EVA foam for added comfort, more support and even weight distribution.
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