Cross Motorcycle Helmet Marushin Xmr Pro Coloring Poizun Black-Red

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Brand: Marushin
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Marushin is also believed to sport riders with helmet XMR.
Practical, lightweight and durable is crucial to the most extreme activities.
Like all Marushin helmets, even the XMR PRO has a particular characteristic that sets it apart in arena: a silver fin that turns your helmet into a stylish accessory. The XMR is not afraid of any circumstances, not even the ... mud: the thermal lining, removable and washable will give you a helmet like new every time you wish.
Lighter than ever, thanks to new techniques and innovative materials now also offer graphic with combative and trendy.


  • 2 caps fiberglass-fch
  • Removable and washable, breathable fabric
  • Double D chin strap to Fiabbia
  • Ventilation system with adjustable ventilation
  • Sizes from xs to xxl
  • Weight 1350g +-50g
  • Back flipper in tribute
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