D3o back protector Sixs Level 1

Brand: Sixs
Division: road
brands: unisex
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The protective d3o back protector provides excellent comfort, boasting an incredible lightness and flexibility, however, became instantly rigid and protective when needed. Product certification CE EN 1621-2 provided in accordance with the rules of the IMF for racing Motocross, Enduro, Trials, Supermoto and Snowmobiles.
d3o material produces a unique view of the protections, which combines chemistry and advanced engineering to produce high performance shock absorption system.
The material d3o to the normal state is ductile, when it is rough even almost liquid, but, when subjected to a shock, its atoms bind tightly together to disperse the energy and then return immediately to the initial state.This unique feature makes the protection provided is equal to that of traditional materials while the lightness, comfort, versatility remain without the possibility of comparison with the solutions normally used. Only the imagination can limit the range of applications of this technology.

Compatible with:

  • Base layer long sleeve activewear Sixs with pred. protections Pro2
  • Base layer short sleeves ACTIVEwear Sixs with pred.protections Pro1
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