Dainese Protective Vest VEST PLUGS 2 Titanium

Code: 1876088/099
Brand: Dainese
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Dainese Protective Vest VEST PLUGS 2 Titanium

  • Back protector certified to EN 1621.2 / 2014 liv.1
  • Performance Main materials
  • External polypropylene plates with perforated and corrugated structure
  • Core in Nidaplast and Crash Absorb
  • External Vest made entirely of elastic tissue Jersey Holl
  • Airnet Imola 3D comfor
  • Comfort Temperature
  • External perforated plates
  • Nidaplast interior structure drilled


Dainese has decided to offer its customers an extended warranty free on caps and heads with GORE-TEX® membrane.
The warranty covers DAINESE any manufacturing defect or material with which the product was made: in the case of the protections for three years after purchase, while in the case of the leaders GORE-TEX® guarantee is extended for 5 years .
To activate the Free Extended Warranty, the end user must register within 30 days from the date of purchase to the Dainese D-Club, via the website http://www.dainese.com/. In case you are already a subscriber, no further action is necessary.
To take advantage of the guarantee, the end user must present to your dealer with the head of the defective Certificate regarding the extended warranty and purchase receipt.

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