For Termoscudo Leg Scooter Model Termoscud Tucano Urbano R167 Yamaha X-Max 400 To From 2013

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Termoscudo black Tucano Urbano leg cover. Termoscud is the original leg cover for scooter made of Cordura nylon padded to protect from rain and cold. The leg remains attached to the scooter and the new series has been further improved. When the scooter is parked Termoscud covering extends to the saddle, which stays clean and dry. The unique patented system SGAS expected inflation of two sausages side that prevent flapping at high speeds. E 'present a pocket door and a snare metallic objects from theft connected to the chain. The mounting is very simple and takes place by means of belts to measure and every point that is stressed has been reinforced.The termoscud you can also roll up when we do not want to cover without being removed from the middle and comes theft insurance for an entire year.

Fact Sheet:

  • heavy nylon exterior watertight
  • padded interior
  • SGAS (patented antisventolio)
  • antifuro ring (only on the models without screws)
  • large pocket
  • in saddle cover
  • refracting profile


The Termoscud ® leg cover is fitted with a patented system that prevents flapping at high speeds. Inflatable chambers on the sides of the cover prevents the waving.


  • in the closed position the deflector directs warm air inside the radiator Termoscud ®
  • in the open position the deflector prevents the entry of cold air (cold engine) within Termoscud ®
  • fast to use - patented system
  • idisponibile models only
  • Theft insurance valid for one year


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