Full HD LS2 FF320 Moto Helmet Evo JINK Black Yellow Fluo Opaque

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A helmet for rolling on asphalt or losing your distance on a scooter or a sports bike. It comes in solid colors or designs. Stream is a technologically advanced helmet with aerodynamic shells and very durable. The UV resistant visor and the polycarbonate screen prevent distortion of the image that, along with its internal screen, optimizes visibility throughout the adventure, ensuring maximum safety.
Data sheet:

  • Thermoplastic shell
  • Quick Visor Vaginal System
  • Anti-nebula treatment. Prevents fogging inside.
  • Anti-UV treatment The outer shell is treated to withstand the impact of UVA.
  • Ventilation system.Inputs and outputs to provide fresh air inside the helmet and favor hot air outflow.
  • Prepared for Pinlock Apply a lens on the visor to prevent fogging under cold conditions or fog.
  • Anti-scratch treatment Visor designed to withstand scratches and impact of the elements while driving.
  • Micrometric release mechanism
  • Prepared for Tear-Off. System derived from the racing world. Plastic visors can be mounted on the visor, which are retracted when dirt builds up.
  • Double Solar Screen Internal sun visor for maximum brightness conditions. Great visibility and ease of use.
  • Weight:1550 gr

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