Givi X-REMOVE TR8704 Motorcycle Frames Specific for Benelli Leoncino 500/500 Trail (2017-22)

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Brand: Givi
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Givi TR8704 Remove-X frames to be able to mount and anchor the soft side bags preventing them from converging towards the wheel or rising at speed.

X-REMOVE is a quick coupling and release system dedicated to soft bags, which eliminates the need for a fixed frame, ensuring maximum safety and stability of the bags themselves. It allows you to keep the aesthetics and functionality of the bike clean when the tubular is disassembled, and to quickly mount the bracket only when you want to use the bags.

Specifications for BENELLI:

  • Leoncino 500 (2017-22)
  • Leoncino 500 Trail (2017-22)

Data sheet:

  • Line: X-REMOVE
  • Bag Compatibility: Soft side broses


Motorcycle compatibility