Goggles Moto Cross Enduro 100% ACCURI Wilsonan Mirror Lens Red Lens More Chiara

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Brand: 100%
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Goggles Moto Cross Enduro 100% ACCURI

Technical data sheet:

  • Sponge: Triple-layer breathable.
  • Lens: anti-fog Lexan lens for perfect vision.
  • Lens unique profile interchangeably with the full range 100%.
  • Coupling lens: Retention system lenses 9 pin.
  • Elastic: 45mm wide lined silicone.
  • Simplicity: The most advanced form of simplicity. All products offered 100% by adults share the same lens and TRAR-off.
  • In the box: Models with mirror lens include: extra clear lens and a pocket door-glasses microfiber.Models with transparent lens include a pocket door-glasses microfiber.
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