Goggles Moto Cross Enduro 100% Barstow Classic Red Mirror Lens Clear Lens More

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Freedom was a key word in the early days of American motocross, when the scene of off-road motorcycling took off in 1970, he created a style of riding that is just as popular today as it was then.
But as far as you want to recapture the essence of what off-road racing was in its early years, now we care for our sicurezza.Ammettiamolo: clothing then was essential, uncomfortable, and all in all ... not very safe.
We want to talk about glasses?
Their shape was mostly a tease: entering air, dust, and the lenses are streaming down just to look at.
As our hearts are close to those moments pionesristici, now we care about your safety and our style.
100% have tried to capture this time proposing it in a modern way, was how the model Barstow.
When the first off-road riders have raced in the desert from Barstow to Las Vegas, they had no idea what it would be today to retrace the same tracks using a pair of glasses with triple layer foam sponge, with a scratch-resistant lens, anti - fog and with a wide series of lenses in various shades of color.
To advanced states of comfort and safety of the products 100% now ache is accompanied by an unmistakable vintage style, was how the model Barstow ..
In the box, along with eyewear, find a replacement lens and a pack of transparent lenses tear.

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