Integral Motorcycle Helmet Shark SPARTAN 1.2 Blank Glossy White

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Integral Motorcycle Helmet Shark SPARTAN 1.2 Blank Glossy White

Data sheet:


  • In carbon fibers and glass fibers that offer light weight with a design that guarantees optimal aerodynamics with a weight of 1390 g +/- 50
  • Chin strap with double buckle closure that allows a very precise adjustment and considered as the safest


  • Visor with anti-scratch treatment including "Shark Skin" side fastenings that provide active noise reduction
  • Delivered with a Pinlock filmMaxVision as standard
  • Quick and tool-free visor disassembly system
  • Double sun visor (UV 400 qualified)


  • New Black interior in natural bamboo fibersfor a triple efficacy (antibacterial, anti-perspiration and hypoallergenic), removable and washable
  • Presence of a double spoiler with integrated air extractors,that optimize aerodynamics and internal cooling
  • Shark Easy Fit:foam grooves to increase helmet comfort for eyeglass wearers
  • Effective ventilation system with front air intakes
  • Predisposition for the Sharktooth communication system

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