Knitted Thermal Rev'it Oxygen LS Grey

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Made for summer use, the mesh base layer long sleeve OXYGEN offers superb moisture management properties thanks to its open mesh. Body mapping technology has allowed us to determine which areas require even more ventilation: the back, chest, armpits and elbows. At these points, the mesh is more open, to absorb moisture in an optimal way. The shirt OXYGEN keeps you dry and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Technical Data:

  • Polyamide - (better known as Nylon) is a collection of polymers that have an excellent resistance to wear and tear and a low coefficient of friction, to reduce the air resistance.
  • Normal Cut
  • antibacterial finishing
  • Zone Airvent 3D - strategically positioned on the chest to allow excessive perspiration to evaporate quickly during exercise.
  • function of moisture absorption
  • climate control unit - ventilation system placed on the back that actively and continuously pushes the moisture away from the skin to the outside of the head. The area for the evaporation is relatively large and helps to control the temperature of the motorcyclist and to ensure comfort.
  • 3D rotary knitting technology - Leaders in 3D rotary knitting provide superior comfort and technical functionality for a wide range of athletic activities, including driving the bike. The word derives from the 3D texture and shape of the mesh. Made on a circular knitting machine, clothes without seam junction have an elasticity greater than for an optimal cutting. The lack of seams provides optimal comfort and at the same time has an important feature: less seams make the garment less vulnerable to breakage of the seams, in missed spots, etc. and for this reason the length of the head is greater. The seams that are absolutely necessary are made Overlock pot, to eliminate thickness. The result is comfort and functionality attitude.
  • cuffs and bottom autofit - automatically adhere to motorcyclists of all sizes, without compressing or cause discomfort.
  • Air spacer ribs - designed to keep a layer of insulating air close to the skin. This attorney un'ecellente air circulation and insulation, eliminating the risk of feeling cold during the coldest temperatures.
  • Heat insulating protections - retain body heat by preventing hypothermia. A thicker band is placed on the elbow and knee, as the inflection points are especially vulnerable to the loss of body heat.
  • area airvent - allow sweat to evaporate quickly from areas of the body that perspirano more: the armpits and the back of the knees.The open mesh structure ensures freshness and comfort.
  • odor control
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