Leggings Pants Intimates Sixs windproof With Carbon End Cap

Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Leggings Pants Intimates Sixs windproof With Carbon End Cap

The temperature-regulating long trousers with back and windproof barrier SIXS protects all the athlete's leg up at the ankles. Groin, thighs and calves remain dry and at the correct temperature to improve muscle performance.

Leveraging SIXS original underwear® carbon technology to preserve the skin from sweat, provides the maximum comfort and sporty performance. The addition of windproof barrier This makes perfect garment for low temperatures . The caseback also it makes this garment very comfortable for Long stays in the saddle .

Data sheet:

  • fewer seams for comfort assolut
  • antistatic system: the carbon wire island by static electricity caused by the rubbing of tissues
  • Revolutionary dual-density pad.
  • Wind-Protection: overlaying two SIXS tissues, of different fineness and weight, it is possible to obtain an effective barrier against the cold air, guaranteed by the thin layer of moisture that is formed between them.
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