Mini Helmet Helmet Grex G3.1 Helmet Art Cool Flat

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Brand: Grex
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It's the Grex mini-jet built on the solid base of the Nolan N20. The ever-present design, low volume (due to the availability of two outer shell sizes), Microlock retention system with micrometric adjustment and good general comfort make the G3.1 an interesting product for those who want a mini-jet with particular attention Price and with the guarantee of Made in Nolan. Also note the versatility of use of this product, thanks to the availability of two visors: a long Light Blue color, able to protect the face of the pilot from water and Wind, ensuring an adequate circulation of air within the helmet; A day-time use only, and designed for the hottest and sunny seasons.Beside the traditional single-color variants (Kinetic), the range offers additional, fresh and colored monochrome versions (Malibù), versions featuring an interesting manual finish (Scraping) and graphic versions of Street Art and Social inspiration (Helmetart segment).

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