Modular Motorcycle Helmet Openable Shark EVO ONE 2 BLANK Matt Black

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Shark's Discovery division presents the EVO-ONE 2 modular helmet, a safety device that offers optimal comfort and protection, thanks to a range of advanced features and technical details. With the EVO-ONE 2, SHARK Helmets offers a revised and corrected version of its flagship EVO-ONE model, increasingly establishing itself as the real point of reference on the market of modular helmets.
Version 2 features optimized visor kinematics, and a new chin guard locking / unlocking system, for greater ergonomics and flexibility of use. The "auto-up" and "auto-down" system allows you to automatically raise the visor when you lift or lower the chin guard.
The transparent visor is accompanied by a practical retractable sunshade, and the Pinlock anti-fog lens is included in the package.The Helmet Evo-One 2 has the double approval to be used in complete safety in both the integral and the open configuration.
Shark designs his helmets focusing pre-eminently on the safety issue, creating shells capable of absorbing the impact energy and dissipating it over the entire surface of the helmet, thus preventing the force of the impact from concentrating in a single point.
The internal polystyrene is made using 4 to 7 zones of differentiated flexibility; this represents the strong point of Shark, in this way, in fact, the outer shell and the inner shell work together to absorb the impact force in the best possible way.
The materials used for the construction of the shell are also characterized by their long spinning, which allows the forces to be transferred over the entire surface of the helmet.
Data sheet:

  • Thermoplastic shell
  • The helmet is produced with caps of different sizes depending on the size proposed and thus allows to offer a perfect proportion between the volume of the helmet and the size of the rider, while maintaining the degree of protection and safety.
  • Transparent visor
  • Pinlock lens included in the box
  • Sun visor
  • Double P / J approval
  • Shark Easy Fit: excellent comfort for those wearing glasses
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Arrangement for intercom
  • Micrometric closure
  • Chinstrap
  • Weight 1650 +/- 50gr

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