Modular Motorcycle Helmet P / J approval Nolan N100.5 Plus STARBOARD N-Com 046 Glossy Yellow

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It is the new and most exclusive version of Nolan's top-of-the-range flip-up, now enriched with the Clima Comfort internal comfort padding with innovative mesh construction and the headphone position adjustment system (LPC Liner Positioning Control).

Data sheet:


  • Shell: in Lexan polycarbonate, this resin is also distinguished by its thermal resistance. It also resists exposure to UV rays.
  • Two shell sizes: (XXS-M) (L-3XL)
  • Helmet weight: 1600 (+/- 50g)
  • Double full / jet homologation (P / J) that allows you to drive with the chin guard open in complete safety


  • Ultrawide visor: The large surface of the visor, scratch resistant (S / R - Scratch Resistant), makes it possible to have a better view, even from the side
  • Pinlock lens (INCLUDED): The pinlock lens can adjust from the outside of the screen, thanks to the movable pins, it isalso equipped with a silicone gasket to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • VPS Sunscreen: Double sunscreen with UV400 protection, anti-scratch and anti-fog, easy to disassemble, retractable automatically by the button

Interior / Padding:

  • Cheek pads: The internal foam padding of the cheek pads is designed to offer uniformity of pressure and consistency of performance over time compared to those offered by traditional padding
  • CLIMA COMFORT Internal Headphone: made with double density micro-perforated fabrics and, combined with the “AirBooster Technology” upper ventilation system, favors the diffusion of air in the upper area of the rider's head.Its mesh construction (only on N100.5 PLUS) further facilitates the diffusion of air in the upper part of the rider's head.
  • LPC Liner Position Control (SU N100.5 PLUS only): This system allows you to adjust the position of the headset which, for the same size of the helmet, allows you to change the position of the helmet on the head adapting it to different needs and anatomical conformations.
  • Predisposition for N-Com Intercom: The helmet is prepared and approved with the N-Com communication system and with the innovative ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).Model compatibility: B902L R series - B902 R series - B601 R series - ESS - MCS III R series


  • Retention system: Microlock 2 buckle closure system with 2 levers (1 in thermoplastic and 1 in aluminum) and allows to reduce the possibility of unintentional opening
  • Opening of the chin guard: Dual Action system, an exclusive chin guard opening system which, positioned in the center of the chin guard, allows it to be opened with one hand.
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