Moto Cross Dainese back protector and MANIS T 55

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Brand: Dainese
Division: cross enduro - road
brands: unisex
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The most advanced design characterizes this innovative back protector specifically designed for use on the track, which breaks the classic design patterns, and redefines ergonomic standards. The innovative construction solution makes it possible to earn protector of 3 degrees of freedom than the protectors of the past, making it in this way able to closely track all forms of the human back in positions typical of motorcycle racing. The protector is able to lengthen and shorten by flexing following in this way the flexion or extension of the bust. It is also able to bend to copy the movements of the body lateral bending and twisting.The sandwich composite is the result of 30 years of experience in the design of back protector, plaques external mobility with springback controlled are made of polypropylene and are coupled to Crash absorb®. A final layer of material of comfort guarantees the precise coupling with the anatomy of the back surface. The protector is characterized by large holes and surfaces in contact with the body very small to provide maximum thermal comfort, while the weight complete harmony design of this revolutionary system of protection of the back. Thanks to the thin lower back, height adjustable, you can wear under the suit without any constraint abdomen.

Fact Sheet:

  • Performance Shock
  • CE certified back protector - Cat. II - EN 1621.2 / 2003 liv.2
  • Outer plates articulated mobility controlled, made of polypropylene with corrugated perforated struttutra
  • Inner core drilled Crash absorb®
  • Padding comfort localized
  • Adjustable lumbar strip
  • Back protector with 4 degrees of freedom:
  • longitudinal elongation
  • longitudinal bending
  • torsion
  • lateral flexion controlled
  • External perforated plates
  • Material absorption Crash absorb® drilled
  • Reduced contact surface



Dainese has decided to offer its customers an extended warranty Free on caps and heads with GORE-TEX®.
The warranty covers DAINESE any manufacturing defect or material with which the product was made: in the case of the protections for three years after purchase, while in the case of the leaders GORE-TEX® guarantee is extended for 5 years .
To activate the Free Extended Warranty, the end user must register within 30 days from the date of purchase to the Dainese D-Club, via the website In case you are already a subscriber, no further action is necessary.
To take advantage of the guarantee, the end user must present to your dealer with the head of the defective Certificate regarding the extended warranty and purchase receipt.

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