Moto overalls Dainese Leather Full Aero Ages D1 Black Fluo Red

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Coverall Dainese motorcycle leather AERO EVO D1 PROFESSIONAL. Evolution of Aero Evo C2, will amaze you with its ergonomics and technicality combined into a cutting-edge design.
Maximum ergonomics and technicality merge into a cutting edge and a building design that revolutionizes the way you think the motorbike gear: Aero Evo will astound you with their exceptional fit offered by patented pod Microelastic, capable of allowing a controlled flexing of skin without having to reduce the thickness, as is the case of traditional elastic inserts, to the advantage of mechanical strength. Thanks to the abdomen elastic patented the fit of the suit is always perfect even when you are crouched in the hull.Aluminum inserts on the shoulders elbows and knees, protectors co-injected shoulders, localized perforation, biaxial inserts and suit-boots both patented connection complete this extraordinary suit dedicated to lovers of driving on the track.

Data sheet:

  • aluminum inserts on the shoulders, knees and elbows

The use of metal inserts, such as titanium, steel, aluminum or special alloys, allow a greater abrasion resistance at the joints, reducing the risk of triggering dangerous rotations and rollings during the fall, as well as a greater impact on the distribution surface.

  • D-Skin 2.0
  • Bi-elastic fabric S1
  • Co-injected shoulder with aluminum insert

The co-injected with metal insert shoulder is one of the most revolutionary solutions that equip Dainese garments. The usual removable composite protection is replaced by an injection of plastic material on a lattice externally coated with polyurethane, on which is fixed to the metal plate. This solution allows the protection, certified according to EN 1621.1, to maintain in each situation the correct position on the shoulder, and at the same time a smaller footprint to the advantage of comfort for the rider.

  • Pro-Shape: soft protectors certified to Standard EN1621.1 hips

The composite protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees, certified according to EN 1621.1, offer a high standard of protection due to their particular construction. A rigid outer shell in plastic material, on the entire protector distributes the energy generated by the impact zone, by means of a patented lattice structure, able to distribute and absorb the impact of a large surface area, with a thickness and a lower weight.The inside of the protection, with very high density polyethylene foam, has high deformability and a high memory, which molds to the shape of the body, allows a better comfort, also favored by the perforated external structure, which facilitates the transpiration.

  • Composite protectors certified according to EN 1621.1
  • Coverall CE Certified - Cat II - Directive 89/686 / EEC
  • Double zipper at calf
  • elastic inserts

Elastic inserts, positioned at strategic points, improve the head's ability to adapt to the forms and movements of the body while driving.

  • Suit-boots fastening system
  • aerodynamic
  • Collar with elasticated insert
  • elastic inserts Microelastic
  • elastic inserts system biaxial
  • elastic abdomen
  • 3D temperature control Bubble

Born and tested to meet the needs of drivers such as Rossi, this particular three-dimensional fabric allows to create an air chamber between the 'inside and the outside of the head, used as insulation to maintain an ideal microclimate both in summer and in winter.

  • Placed drilling
  • branded lining Nanofeel with treatment Iodi silver

Innovative liner with polyester wire bacteriostatic, developed through nanotechnology studies. The treatment of the nano particles with silver ions enables a greater efficiency in terms of antibacterial property, anti-odor, of duration and resistance to washing, in that the silver particles are within the fiber itself, and not only shows externally , as in traditional bacteriostatic wires.

  • soft inserts
  • Reflecting inserts
  • replaceable sliders
  • Oversuit provided
  • Preparation kit Water Bag
  • Protection &Cleaning Kit
  • 1 inside pocket
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