Motorcycle Boots Cross Enduro AXO range A2 Top Of 2015 Black

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After two years of careful planning and research on new technologies to ensure the ultimate in safety and comfort, the new boot was born A2 top of the range for the cross of AXO.
The Italian tradition in making boots AXO-specific and cross fuoristrad is long lasting, since AXO, back in 1978, created his first motocross boots for samples of US then. Today the same passion of the early days has led AXO to obtain products of great value highly appreciated by riders from around the world.
A2 itself as an excellent response to the needs of protection and support that pilots require from their footwear thanks to an assembly of plastic materials of different hardness and special joints that offer mobility and protection to the joints.The internal protection of polypropylene are very effective against impacts and protect very well the malleolar region.
A2 is equipped with Dual Pivot System, a special vertebra torsion reinforced nylon that allows controlled flexing the leg on two points. Dual Pivot System allows greater freedom of movement of the ankle in absolute safety.
Very classic colors for AXO A2 of which is available in white or black with rubber sole. A boot essential and robust at the same time. A2 is waterproof leather with abrasion resistant inserts and shock as shin guards, calf shelters, gambits and heel polyurethane. The 4 closing levers aluminum with micrometer coupled to the bellows closure on the calf allow a snug and personalized.

Technical Data:

  • CE approved according to EN13634: 2010
  • Waterproof leather upper with inserts-resistant 'abrasion
  • Shin, parapolpaccio, gambits and heel polyurethane
  • Vertebra torsion reinforced nylon,with lateral movement controlled
  • Closing with aluminum levers micrometer adjustment and bellows on the calf with Velcro
  • Lining transparent hypoallergenic and anti-sweat
  • Anatomic and antibacterial
  • Rubber sole
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