Motorcycle Boots Cross Enduro Baby Thor Blitz 2016 White

Code: 34110298
Brand: Thor
Division: cross enduro
brands: child
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The boot Thor Blitz was created by new materials and innovative technologies to improve the performance with more lightness and anatomy. The Blitz, has a structure designed for interaction with optimized transmission and control of the bike; the closure is easy and precise thanks to the excellent hooks.

Technical data sheet:

  • Shank-curved injection molded;
  • 3 adjustable straps allow perfect adjustment;
  • Fully synthetic heat shield provides excellent resistance to temperature;
  • Mesh lining promotes airflow without sacrificing comfort;
  • Uni-directional sole with an insert steel leg
  • Unidirectional sole with a steel insert
  • Tested and certified according to European standard EN 13634: 2010


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