Motorcycle Boots Cross Enduro UFO Model Recon Black

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Brand: Ufo
Division: cross enduro
brands: unisex
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RECON E-AHL (Exoskeleton Ankle Hyperextension Limit - patent Alberto Barozzi concept)

Technical data sheet:

  • Off-road boots designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
  • Technology and materials of the most innovative
  • Revolutionary exoskeleton with arms in stainless steel, "protective cell"ankle and tibia
  • It prevents dangerous twists ankle
  • It is allowing the rider to obtain a perfect control of dorsiflexion and plantar foot
  • Guarantees of fact defense ligament tibial compartment / tarsal offering the highest levels of comfort and performance.

UFO plast is increasingly synonymous with security guards in, and by the same token suggests the boot off-road RECON E-AHL (exoskeleton ankle hyperextension limit).
The innovative product (patent Alberto Barozzi concept), he finds exclusive protection sector tibia / tarsal and values ??of absolute comfort.
The concept has been under study for several years, the careful biomechanical analysis and detailed knowledge of the needs / problems in the use made it possible to identify in detail the points on which action has been taken development.

This product "Made in Italy" created by a network of people into the knowledge which allowed to express the concept of product innovations.
The study of forms, materials research thermoplastic / textile, engineering development, design, manufacturing high Italian craftsmanship and strict tests in the laboratory and in the field, have produced what, with a methodological criterion that distinguishes the Ufo plast products.

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