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Premier presents Dragon Titanium, a helmet that embodies all the knowledge and technological expertise developed by the Italian company over the years to a helmet with a composite fiber shell of high quality.
And 'the result of tests conducted on tracks all over the world by pilots Premier (Andrew Pitt, Ruben Xaus, Pol Espargaro, Nico Terol and Marc Marquez, to name a few).
Its outer shell is made of TVA Titanium-Vechtram-Aramidic a fabric extremely valuable that Premier can only be used as a world exclusive on protective helmets for motorcycle use. This particular fiber ensures a lightness superior to any other type of tissue, as well as an excellent shock resistance.
The cover is printed with the "bag molding" and the use of epoxy resin, a process that allows the Dragon Titanium a total weight of only gr.1.100 and makes it one of the lightest helmets in absolute currently available on the world market.
The aesthetic features prominent of this extraordinary helmet are perfectly aerodynamic shape of the shell, with reinforcement ribs to further increase the impact resistance. Its aerodynamic spoiler and fixed at the rear, allowing the rider to overcome the resistance of the air and the cancellation of the vibrations of the helmet due to the turmoil.
The inner shell is printed in eps differentiated density and is equipped with holes and ventilation channels.The ventilation is ensured by an air intake on the top of the cap and one on the chin, both adjustable, which allow the entry of air which then, through the internal ducts, emerges from the holes positioned under the rear spoiler. A ventilation system extremely functional that facilitates the extraction of hot air and humidity from the helmet.
The comfortable interiors are removable and washable, and using an innovative fabric sweat and hypoallergenic. The visor, injection molded polycarbonate, has a thickness of mm.2,2 scratch and anti-fog treatment and allow the user to drive in all weather conditions with a visibility always perfect It 'also easy to remove thanks to the Quick-QRS Release-System that does not require the use of tools.
Dragon Titanium finally has a padded strap that provides maximum comfort and using a closing double-loop type of racing. Standard equipment includes the removable nose guard.

Technical data sheet:

  • n ° Shell size: 2
  • Material: titanium and carbon fiber + Epoxy Resin
  • Air intakes: 2
  • Air extractors: 1
  • Interior: Removable With perspirant neck roll Washable with Sanitized treatment
  • Visor: Anti-scratch + Anti-fog + Injection system and removal without tools
  • Visor inside: no
  • Buckle: 2 rings
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Weight: 1.190 ± 50g

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