Motorcycle Helmet Integral Premier Trophy Style 70 Colouring Flag Uk

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Premier is one of the oldest companies in the panorama of the producers of motorbike helmets and could not miss in his 2014 collection a retro helmet not only in graphics, but also in the shape of the shell and of the various components. Trophy reflects the style and shape of the helmets of the 70s, but it conforms to modern safety standards.

It has the outer shell molded in a multi axial called DCA and composed of carbon dyneema and aramid fibers, mixed with epoxy resin .A mix of light and resistant fibers that help to make Trophy sturdy but comfortable.

The inner shell is in eps and is printed different densities , For a best absorption of the force generated by an impact.

Even the visor, while identical to those used by the champions of the past, is approved and equipped with anti-scratch treatment which always guarantees optimum visibility.

It is fixed to the shell by the mechanism that regulates the movement and two buttons at the bottom knurled.

Also the liners are in perfect harmony with the style of the helmet and are made from anti-allergic fabric with Sanitized treatment with synthetic leather trim.

The padding on the cheeks, also finished in leather, they are removable, while the comfortable strap has double ring closure .

Like all helmets Premier Trophy is also approved to the ECE 22-05.

Sizes range from M to XL and is available in four different graphics and a white color version.

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