Motorcycle Helmet Jet Along Origin Palio Double Visor Bicolor Red Flow

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Brand: Origine
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Paliio is the new jet model built with all the features to make it safe and comfortable use of scooters and motorcycles in urban areas. Featuring a rugged and lightweight ABS shell, it has breathable padding, adjustable front air intakes, closed with snap buckle and button, and a handy double visor, an internal and an external antisole retractable closure shots. ECE 22 05, the Palioè available in sizes XS to XL with a retail price of 99 euros.

Data sheet:

  • The useful and convenient inner visor ritraible antisole and makes it even more appealing.
  • ABS shell
  • removable and washable cheek pads breathable
  • Great attention to detail
  • front air intakes adjustable
  • Closure with snap strap
  • The cap features a compact size and improved shock absorption in the event of shocks.
  • adjustable visor to very long and protective shots
  • Visor Sun visor operated externally
  • ECE 22 05.


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