Motorcycle Helmet Jet Custom Hjc V31 White

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The V31 is a retro-style open helmet composed of an advanced composite fiberglass shell to offer a lightweight helmet. This ¾ helmet features an integrated 3-position sunscreen with a scratch-resistant coating that opens easily to slide up or down. To enhance the vintage feel, the V30 features a leather and suede interior and a goggle strap holder. The V31 model also includes a removable 3-button VISOR to complete the retro look. The ear pads are removable and washable and the speaker pockets are prepared for Bluetooth communication.

Data sheet:


  • Fiber Shell: The Exclusive Fiberglass Composite Shell has been designed to be lightweight with superior fit and comfort, using CAD technology. advanced CAD technology.
  • Shell dimensions: 2 (1st xs-sm | 2nd l-xl-2xl)
  • EPS Inner Shell Size: 3 (xs-s | ml) / XL-2xl)
  • Strap: Double D ring
  • Approval Ece 22.06 Tests include energy attenuation, penetration resistance, structural integrity of the chin guard and labeling requirements for street motorcycle helmets


  • IS-10 Integrated Sunshade: Improved peripheral vision and excellent sunlight blocking help reduce eye strain. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.
  • Adjustable Visor: Its new mechanism allows you to adjust the height in 3 different positions according to the morphology and preferences of the user, for an optimal fit.


  • Interior in leather and suede stitched
  • Advanced antibacterial fabric ensures greater breathability and quick drying.
  • Interchangeable cheek pads of all sizes for a personalized fit.
  • Washable lining and pillow
  • Grooves for glasses: for motorcyclists who use eyeglasses or sun glasses.
  • Prepared for Bluetooth communication system (Intercom)
  • Rear strap Eyeglass holder
  • 3 snaps are ready for visor visors
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