Motorcycle Helmet Jet Momo Design Model Fighter Evo Blue Metallic Bordeaux

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The new jet helmet signed MOMODESIGN, perfect synthesis of technology, style, functionality and security
The model FIGHTER, historically inspired by the helmets of helicopter pilots, renewed strengthening the union between technology and style.
Completely redesigned from MOMODESIGN style center, the FIGHTER is in fact enhanced by aesthetic and functional details: the outer visor in adjustable optical class, integrated solar visor, the new screw mount visor and the new removable internal shape memory.
distinctive element of the "New Generation" MOMODESIGN is the historical company logo, a stylized steering wheel icon of the know-how MOMODESIGN, which is flanked on either side of the helmet at the visor locking mechanism: a single detail that expresses the value and the brand identity. The tradition of helmets is evolving to anticipate the future.

The center MOMODESIGN style proves again to have the center of his thoughts the man, with his desires, his needs and his lifestyle.
An analysis of a helmet, in its primary form, was born a new generation of jet enriched unique stylistic content for a careful and demanding public.

External visor in adjustable optical class
Spherical visor with anti-scratch treatment that ensures the absorption of radiation up to 400 microns (UV absorber); leather lined, is equipped with special supports in aircraft carbon.
By integrated sun visor
integrated sun visor dark manually operated: easy to use and to replace for maximum freedom of driving.
removable and washable lining "shape memory"
The interior is removable and washable (except neck roll) and adapt perfectly to the morphology of the face of those who use them.

Data sheet:

  • Shell in 2 sizes
  • Cover material ABS
  • Painting: with special paints for increased weather resistance
  • Removable and washable (excluding neck roll).Pillows in different high moisture absorption inside spessoriTessuto with silver ion treatment for an effective bacteria-static
  • Spherical visor with anti-scratch treatment and absorption of radiation up to 400 microns (UV absorber) lined in leather
  • Supports visor real aircraft carbon fiber laser-cut
  • Dark sun visor manually operated,easily replaceable
  • Chinstrap with micrometer buckle
  • Supports visor in real carbon fiber laser-cut
  • Practice helmet bag
  • New pawl that reproduces the historical logo of the brand MOMODESIGN
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