Neck Support BNS Alpinestars Moto Cross Enduro Pro 2015 Black White Red

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The SNB Pro is designed to help in the prevention of accidents and dissipating impact forces away from the neck and spine. The SNB Pro works when the driver's helmet comes in contact with the frame upon impact, providing a clean and solid channels instantly pernicious energy from the compressive neck downloading the BNS. Designed for use in off-road and cross this security system offers a highly personalized and stable fit with new, innovative features such as the new quick release system.Thanks to a structure in advanced materials, BNS Pro is sturdy and lightweight

Fact Sheet:

  • Advanced, high-performance polymer blends of carbon
  • Structural integrity and strength of the frame against high impact loads during the fall
  • Ultra-light and comfortable to drive.
  • Resistance at low temperatures even below 0 ° C.
  • Customizable fit, adjustable and safe
  • SAS (Size Adapter System) for a versatile fit in a range of sizes XS-M and L-XL.
  • Kit padding laminated with Lycra panels adjustable and interchangeable EVA for maximum compatibility with body guards.
  • Strap System: strap lightweight wearable over or under the jersey.
  • Bio-organic design for superb ergonomics
  • The rear stabilizer promotes the PFR (Progressive Relief Force) and dissipates the energy loads extreme sending them down the back and shoulders, moving them away from the spine. E 'connected to the frame through a coupling for easy dismantling.
  • The frame structure improves in contact with the helmet treating the impact, thanks to a rear support more closely to the body, a greater width to account for the different sizes of the helmet and chest area in order to avoid trauma relief from hyper-flexion.
  • The innovative quick-release closure for a snug fast and efficient provides a secure fit and comfortable.
  • Compressed EVA padding compound to distribute the impact force over an area as large as possible while maintaining high lightness.
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