Protection Sixs Back Sastec approved Level 2

Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
brands: unisex
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The protection spinal SAS-Tec as well as offering excellent comfort, it boasts the most lightweight of the market and excellent ergonomics, also bears the CE EN 1621-2 level 2, complies with the regulations of the IMF and the FIM Motocross races, Enduro, Trials, Supermoto and Snowmobiles.

SAS-Tec manufactures using a material that combines chemistry and advanced engineering that instantly reacts to impact by distributing the blow of a large surface area, reducing their effects.

The SAS-Tec material is soft to the normal state, but, when subjected to a shock, its atoms bind tightly together to disperse the energy and then return immediately to the initial state.This feature means that the protection provided is equal to that of traditional materials while the lightness, comfort, versatility remain without the possibility of comparison with the rigid solutions normally used. Only the imagination can limit the range of applications of this technology.

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