Rev'it Neck Brace SEGUR Motorcycle Collar Black

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The CE certified Segur collar from REV'IT! it's an extra layer of passive safety for the serious rider. The Segur Neck Brace actively limits rotational and whiplash forces to the neck by transferring excessive load from the neck to the rest of the body. Neck adjustments can be made to fit a wide range of rider builds, contributing to the one size fits most design. At the torso, the side profile and chest fit can be adjusted by precisely adjusting the thickness of the supplied EVA foam body pad.

The low profile design does not interfere with helmet clearance under normal riding conditions. The back column of the brace folds flat for easy transport in the included travel bag.Select REV'IT! the jackets feature dedicated attachment points for full integration with the Segur Neck Brace. Jackets from other brands designed for collar attachment may also be compatible, but the Segur collar is a universal design and does not require a jacket with neck protectors.

Data sheet:

  • CE certified neck protection
  • Reduces neck injuries caused by: hyperflexion - Hyperextension - Axial load - Shear load - Lateral hyperflexion - Whiplash
  • Fold flat design for easy carrying
  • Travel bag included
  • Universal design
  • Fully integrates with REV'IT!jackets with fastening system at the neck
  • One size fits most designs
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