Road Motorcycle Boots Racing Sidi May-1 Black Black

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Road Motorcycle Boots Racing Sidi-May 1

Technical data sheet:


In the manufacture of most of the boots Sidi, Sidi uses a new generation material called "Technomicro". Technomicro is a microfiber composite was designed by threads which are so thin, often each less than a thousandth of the thickness of the silk. These fibers act as natural skin, but with the advantage of a better resistance, a softer texture and a lighter weight. Technomicro is water resistant, highly resistant to abrasion and tearing.Easy to clean and maintain, Technomicro not stain, offers reduced weight, greater flexibility and improved feel to the touch than the leather boots or other synthetic material.

  • LINING: Breathable Air mesh lining treated with Teflon, the tip is in Cambrelle
  • Front polyurethane replaceable
  • OUTSOLE: Rubber Tops
  • TECNO 3 Magnetic locking system

The closure innovative and exclusive of Mag-1 consists of three mechanisms called TECNO-3 MAGNETIC, which close the boot utilizzandoun very resistant steel wire that is fixed to 'coupling with the aid of a magnet. Easy and fast to use, in addition to being highly adjustable and very light. Mechanisms and fasteners may be replaced with a screw.

  • System with support beams

Replaceable polyurethane cuff, the boot is assembled with two screws, one is located on the outside under the mechanism TECNO-3 Magnetic, the other on the inside and connects bracelet fine adjuster. The screws support and block the internal support system made with beams loaded with carbon fiber making up the frame of the boot. The internal beams are focused on a joint at the ankle to allow a great flexion. The mechanism Techno-3 Magnetic and the strap micrometric regulate the circumference of the leg portion to fit the circumference of the calf.

  • Soap with alloy insert and snorkel.

The scuff pad and 'produced in nylon reinforced with glass fiber. Welcomes a 'novel and innovative snorkel and a new alloy insert

  • Asymmetrical heel

Heel and asymmetrical shaped, smooth and flat inside for more grip and contact with the bike, and rounded with shock absorbing system in the back and external.The shell and shock absorbing rubber are replaceable with a screw and an interlocking system

  • No Zip
  • TPU straps to wrap and support the instep
  • Patch Change
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