Satchel Motorcycle Top Case Givi TRK52B Monokey Trekker 52 Lt Black

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Brand: Givi
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Large suitcase with fixing system MONOKEY that completes the range trekker. Allows storage of two modular helmets. Made of engineering plastics reinforced with glass fibers ensures considerable structural stiffness. It features a cover made of anodized aluminum to withstand weathering.
Technical Data:
  • Maximum weight 10 Kg
  • Massimo Volume 52 Lt
  • Dimensions: 315 * 460 * 6
  • Capacity: 2 modular helmets
New top-case Trekker Outback with aluminum and aluminum edges profiled. Available in two versions: 42 lt and 58 lt.
The range of aluminum cases trekker OUTBACK is completed with the new top case 42 and 58 liters, which do not require a special attack, but it can be fixed on any existing model Monokey plate.
The top case trekker OUTBACK 42 liters provides the ability to stow a full-face helmet or modular inside. The reduced overall dimensions allow, on almost all models of motorcycles, fully open side cases trekker OUTBACK without having to remove the cover (which thanks to the particular system in each would still be fast).
Those who have the need for a top-cas with higher load capacity, or to stow two helmets or modular same, may instead opt for the larger version of 58 liters.
For lovers of the total black versions, the range is also available trekker OUTBACK Black Line, whose body entirely in aluminum is fully painted in black.
The cover-up and the four strap which passes all the top case OUTBACK have, offer the ability to load objects or even bags over the cover, while inside you can secure objects to the bottom or in the cap liner with an elastic net (that you can buy as an option) that you can attach to the hooks already present.
Among the standard features include a mat made of soft material that placed on the bottom of the bag will absorb shock and vibration while driving. A series of optional, which will be available soon, will also allow you to customize the top case to your liking.