Sixs Sleeveless Vest Winter Winter Tourism Top Black

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Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
brands: unisex
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There is no other Clothing technician to ensure these results in terms of comfort and effectiveness against the accumulation of sweat, thanks to technology SIXS original carbon underwearLo Sleeveless Winter Tourism Top of SIXS represents a new milestone in the fight against cold, notwithstanding the extraordinary moisture management - common to all products SIXS.

Thanks to a revolutionary blend of 3 materials (all produced from SIXS), it was possible to create a head UNDERwear with characteristics suitable for winter tourism: the front side protects from cold, while areas subject to sweating (underarms and back ) have the engagement of the patented technology SIXS original coal underwear ® for the management of sweat. In the intermediate areas is used micropile, to ensure the correct body temperature in each area.

Technical detail:
  • Patented SIXS original carbon underwear ® for moisture management
  • Mix of three different materials SIXS to ensure the correct body temperature in each zone
  • Full zip to ensure best fit
  • And 'advisable to use one of our Heads UNDERwear below
  • Can be used in other technical garments
  • Designed for winter tourism, but also for training outside during the cold season.
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