Technical Balaclava Spark Avalon

Code: Sp0086
Brand: Spark
Division: cross enduro - road
brands: unisex
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Balaclava Avalon by skin contact very pleasant.

Datasheet :

  • Reallizato Tactel microfiber and Lycra
  • Mesh window nose-mouth anti-fog
  • Ergonomic cut for maximum comfort
  • High absorption coefficient humidity and heat expulsion
  • Flat seams

The Lycra ® by Dupont ® is always used in combination with other fibers.Lycra ® provides the final fabric those qualities of elasticity and dimensional stability that allow the best fit of the head ensuring the comfort and the property of maintaining these characteristics unaltered over time longer. The Lycra ® brand is today a guarantee of superior quality of a leader.

Tactel ® fiber-Technical Dynamics of high elasticity, gives clothing functionality, practicality, softness, lightness, a sophisticated look and extreme comfort. The high coefficient of moisture absorption and expulsion heat, complete the profile of a very special technical fabric for making garments intended especially in sports. Insulation. Tactel ® is a trademark of Dupont ®.

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