technical shirt Intima Sixs Long Sleeves Dark Green

Brand: Sixs
Division: road - cross enduro
brands: unisex
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Technical crew neck knit Intima Sixs Long Sleeves Dark Green

Round neck long-sleeved SIXS, the Carbon Underwear fabric allows the skin's perspiration and body temperature control in all weather conditions (outdoor or indoor). The long sleeves end the entire portion of the upper limbs, keeping you cool and interposing itself as a possible superior head and protecting slightly by cool breezes when wearing a head superior to short sleeves.

Data sheet:

  • Fabric: The technical leaders SIXS do they make you feel hot but not cold!
  • Comfort: Thanks to its soft elasticity fits perfectly to your body
  • Fit: This garment is to be used in direct contact with your skin to provide the ultimate
  • use:for all sports
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