Top Case Moto Shad SH58X Expandable from 46 to 58 Liters Black

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Brand: Shad
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The SH58X eXpandable motorcycle top box with carbon finish, with adjustable volume in 3 positions (46-52 and 58 liters), has the capacity for 2 enduro helmets, as well as travel accessories.Cutting-edge technology and innovative design, the eXpandible top case was awarded the prestigious Reddot Design Award 2017, a reference between designers and manufacturers, the only top case on the market adjustable up to 58L, it adapts equally to the life of all days in the city and the adventure trips you've always dreamed of doing: a very versatile case, in which the change between its different positions goes from an aerodynamic case to a large case in seconds

Data sheet:

  • Its structural structure guarantees high rigidityand strength with minimal weight, and also has internal limitation strips that ensure that the internal load does not shift
  • It offers maximum safety thanks to its innovative "Smart Lock System" hermetic closure system
  • This system allows you to keep the suitcase open without being able to remove it, as well as being able to open and close it without the need for the key, in this way you will only use the key to lock it
  • One-handed opening
  • If you like asphalt and Sport Touring is for you, SH58X is your top box. Its sophisticated carbon look, combined with the side cases with SH36 carbon look finish, breathes modernity and sophistication.If you are one of those who take design a step further, you would like to be able to choose the cover in various colors: white, black metal and new titanium, or the virgin option that you can customize to your liking. Like other cases (except TR48 / TR37) for SHAD motorcycles, it includes the grille and the fixing kit.

The patented system that adjusts the volume of the SH58X, being able to expand or reduce its size, makes it a highly functional and practical trunk, adapting to the needs of the motorcyclist at any time.

  • Size L: Offers a volume of 46L, perfect for carrying everyday items
  • Size XL: 52L can be reached at the second level, very useful for short weekend rides.With capacity for two modular helmets
  • XXL size: the volume reaches 58 liters, enough to accommodate everything you need in that incredible adventure you've always dreamed of.With capacity for two enduro helmets

In addition, you can complete your top case with accessories such as the brake light, the double backrest (cushion) or even the expandable inner bag:

  • The backrest (cushion) (D0RI80) has two pieces, composed of two layers of polyurethane foam covered with plaster in two textures, ensuring total comfort for passengers
  • The expandable internal bag (X0IB10) with top opening and external pocket for direct access is reinforced with an internal foam to protect the contents from any blows and a strap and a handle to facilitate transport. In this way, the inner bag facilitates the transport of objects without having to remove the suitcase.Finally, the brake light (D0B29KL) is made with LED, low consumption and very easy to install, as it attaches to the bottom of the suitcase base
  • This increases safety by making the bike morevisible from a rear view