Total Protection for Kids Cross Enduro Motorcycle Alpinestars YOUTH BIONIC ACTION Black Red

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Equipped with the new, innovative grid technology on a very light and ventilated outer shell, the Youth Bionic Action Jacket is ideal for smaller riders. With CE-certified protectors and an ergonomic design, this gilet is made of a sturdy elastane stretch mesh and can be integrated with the Alpinestars Youth Neck Support

Data sheet:

  • CE certified shoulders and elbows Level 1
  • CE certified back protector Level 1
  • CE certified split chest protector Level 2
  • New protective vest with high adjustability and maximum breathability.
  • All components are designed to define a reduced material structure and to obtain an extremely light, lean and ventilated garment.
  • Elastane mesh structure, technical stretch, highly breathable and able to maintain shape and structure holding the protective plates adherent to the body.
  • Versatile and customizable fit, with the upper part of the detachable back protector to integrate the Youth Neck Support (YNS).
  • Soft YNS tabs for a comfortable and secure YNS connection.
  • Plate design with integrated grid structure which, in the event of impact, absorbs and dissipates energy through its cellular structure.
  • All plates (back, chest, elbows and shoulders) are made of injected polymer compound to optimize flexibility and ensure excellent lightness.
  • Ergonomically shaped plates to follow the natural curves of the body, equipped with air ducts to improve ventilation and prevent heat build-up.
  • Back protector with three articulated plates to guarantee greater flexibility and adaptive fit in every driving position. The plates block each other in the event of a fall to reduce potential trauma to the spinal area. The back protector is developed in two sizes waist-shoulders to cover all the youthful builds between 6-10 and 10-14 years.
  • Collar and shoulders in thermoformed foam to improve comfort and structure.
  • All the plates are mounted on padded PE panels with thick perforations to offer wearability and comfort in contact with the skin.
  • Elastic kidney area with TPR belt to improve ergonomics and offer a personalized and safe fit.
  • High-quality YKK self-locking zippers for front closure, with zip fastening for better comfort.
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