Abus DETECTO 7000 RS1 Sonic Red Motorcycle Alarmed Disc Lock

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Brand: Abus
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The ABUS Detecto 7000 RS1 disc lock protects the motorcycle with its hardened steel structure and a 100 dB audible alarm.
Thanks to 3D Position Detection, the alarm sounds for 15 seconds even in the case of minimal movements. After 15 seconds, the audible alarm is deactivated and the device is armed again.
In terms of resistance, Detecto 7000 RS1 leaves nothing to chance: the arch, the locking body and the elements are made of special hardened steel. This anti-theft device features a superior class ABUS cylinder with coded reversible key.

Data sheet:

  • The pin, the body of the lock and all the locking elements are made of special case-hardened steel
  • Sound alarm of 100 dB min.
  • ABUS 3D alarm system detects any movement
  • A multicolored LED and different acoustic signals indicate the state of charge of the battery, the activation and the state of the alarm
  • Patented "Snap''n Go" system allows one-handed installation - the disc lock closes and activates automatically when it ispressed on the brake disc
  • ABUS Extra Class cylinder with reversible key
  • Two keys included
  • 3 x 5 mm square section steel locking pin
  • It is possible to carry the anti-theft closed without the alarm being triggered thanks to the button, to be activated manually, integrated in the "Snap''n Go" mechanism


  • Good protection in areas with a medium risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing entry level motorcycles,mopeds and scooters


  • Two standard AAA batteries included
  • For greater safety during prolonged stops, it is advisable to fix the motorcycle to a fixed external object in addition to the disc lock
  • Thanks to the 3D detection system, the motorcyclist is warned when the bike changes position and thus prevents it from being stolen
  • When the detector is activated, the flashing red led has an additional deterrent effect
  • The disc locks belong to a very compact category of anti-theft for motorcycles and, consequently, easy to transport
Technical specifications
  • Reparto road
  • Colore Red
  • Colore Yellow