ABUS Universal Disc Lock GRANIT Victory X-Plus 68 With Reminder Roll Up

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With the ABUS GRANIT ™ Victory XPlus 68 disc lock, you can effectively protect your motorcycle from theft. The protection begins with the design: its rounded shape makes thieves who want to attack GRANIT ™ Victory XPlus 68 give up. The pin in special hardened steel of 14 mm speaks for itself (also available with half-headed pin in case of reduced distance from the fork ). An ABUS XPlus cylinder counteracts attempts at lock picking. Since chaining is better than simply closing, GRANIT ™ Victory XPlus 68 is also available as a lock-chain combination. Comes with a key with bright LED and a Memory Cable that reminds you to remove the GRANIT ™ Victory XPlus 68 before setting off.

Data sheet:

  • 14 mm steel locking pin
  • Very handy thanks to the rubberized ring
  • The pin, the body of the lock and all the locking elements are made of special case-hardened steel
  • The circular shape and the rotating outer ring discourage the use of burglary tools
  • ABUS XPlus Cilindor for maximum protection against intelligent attacks, eg."picking"
  • Two keys included
  • ABUS Code Card to request the duplication of keys
  • "Memory Clip" to avoid starting with the disc lock inserted (included in the supply)
  • Good protection in areas with a high risk of theft
  • Recommended for securing high-level motorcycles
  • SH 68/69 - support to facilitate the transport of the alarm and easy to assemble on round tubes with a diameter of 12 - 28 mm or square 12 - 18 mm
  • Includes carrying case for easy and safe transport in a dedicated compartment: eg.the under-seat compartment
  • This anti-theft device can be ordered in the same key version together with other anti-theft devices: a single key to open several anti-theft devices
  • Disc locks belong to a very compact category of anti-theft systems for motorcycles and, consequently, easy to transport
  • For greater safety during prolonged stops, it is recommended to fix the motorcycle to a fixed external object in addition to the disc lock
  • This anti-theft device is also available in the version with chain (the pin is morelong)
  • A version with a flattened pin is also available in the case of limited spaces between the pin and the fork
Technical specifications
  • Reparto road
  • Reparto cross enduro
  • Reparto touring
  • Colore Yellow
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